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5th Gear is an independant car rental Agent, offering car hire, van hire and minibus hire throughout the UK. We are a professional team who have worked with over five years experience in the UK rental market. We use many of the UK's largest rental Companies and the rental rates reflect:

  • Excellent quality vehicles - cars are generally up to 3 months old or have done under 14,000 miles.
  • Excellent standard of service
  • Experienced back up staff to help with any questions
  • Tremendous value for money - cheap car hire rates - 'real value for money'
  • Home delivery service

    Book a car online with 5th Gear;
    Most hire cars are less than 3 months old or will have driven less than 14,000 miles miles
    All hire cars have unlimited mileage while on hire.
    All rental cars will be well cleaned, and service checked before each hire.
    All hire cars have a full tank of fuel.
    All hire cars are covered with 24hr breakdown assistance and replacement.
    Hire cars have comprehensive insurance with reducible damage excess liability option available.
    Option to reduce the excess to zero on car hire.
    Hire cars available to young drivers from 21 years.
    UK Car hire delivery service to many home / office/ hotel or indeed address in mainland UK (subject to additional charges)
    Out of hour car hire delivery options for 24hr deliveries (subject to additional charges)
    VIP meet and Greet from the aircraft service at all major Airport from a car rental representative. (subject to additional charge)
    One Day One Way car hire rentals to and from all major towns cities and airports.

    Vehicle range of rental cars, vands and Minibus;
    Small cheap and nippy economy car hire, compact cars, saloons, station wagons, MPV's and people carriers and estate car hire - Economy - luxury range of cars for hire, executive Mercedes - guarantee on vehicle available.
    Manual transmission car hire and automatic rental cars.

    One Way Car Rental
    One way car rental is available. Collect from one rental branch and return to another - i.e Edinburgh - London. One way rentals are only available within UK.

    Airport Surcharge is included in all our rental prices
    At airports (and in some other premium locations like ferry ports) car hire companies have to pay the airport an additional fee to use the airport facilities. In many locations this fee is passed on to the customer and must be paid in local currency. Unlike many suppliers we include the airport/Premium location fees in all our car rental prices in accordance with our "NO HIDDEN EXTRAS POLICY"

    Rental Vehicle collection
    Additional drivers may be added to the rental agreement at the time of collection they must be present along with a full valid driving licence and be of suitable age to drive the hire car.
    Collection Time
    Is the time that you wish to collect your rented vehicle - this will be shown on your rental voucher.
    Return Time
    Is the time that you must return your rented vehicle - unless extended by prior arrangement. It is important to be aware that car hire companies charge for periods of 24 hours. If you return your hire car later than 59 minutes after your scheduled drop off time, you will be charged for an extra day at the rate payable at the depot - not our negotiated rates.
    Rental Day
    Each 24 Hr period, which starts at the time you are due to collect your hire vehicle.

    Damage Waiver or "super Cover"
    We are one of the few rental companies that allow you the opportunity to take "Supercover" This is an additional insurance cover which removes all liability of the damage excess or deductible (as long as it does not involve malicious damage (by the renter) or alcohol consumption which invalidates all insurance policies)

    Damage Excess or Deductible
    Excess is the renter's responsibility of any claim that is the responsibility of the insured. The excess amount is listed on all rental quotes and on the web site quote, this is the maximum liability that you will be held accountable for in cases of loss or severe damage caused in an accident - as long as it does not involve malicious damage (by the renter) or alcohol consumption which invalidates all insurance policies.

    Rental Duration
    The total number of days that you rent a vehicle.

    Third Party
    A person or persons other than the Insured.

    Third Party Insurance
    Protects the driver against a claim made by another person in the event of any damage or injury. This is charge is included within the rental fee.

    Loss Damage Waiver - (LDW) / Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
    Included within the rental fee unless otherwise stated and protects the Driver from any claim (minus the excess amount) in the event of any damage occurring to the rental vehicle.

    PAI - Personal Accident Insurance
    Personal Accident Insurance is generally covered by travel insurance so look at your personal travel policy before selecting this extra.

    Van Hire and Minibus Rental additions

    Carriage of goods
    It is the responsibility of the driver of all rental vans to ensure that the vehicle is loaded safely and securely. It is really important that vans are not overloaded. Commercial vehicles are subject to roadside checks by the Ministry of Transport - extra precautions must be taken with the vehicle after loading making sure all door are safely secured and that loads will not be subject to sudden movement which may cause a danger to other road users.

    Driving licence requirements
    UK drivers who passed their ordinary car driving test prior to 1 January 1997 will normally have been issued an old style UK Driving Licence showing vehicles of Group A or a new style EC Driving Licence showing vehicles of Categories B, C1 and D1. Drivers who passed their ordinary driving test after 1 January 1997 are only issued a Driving Licence showing vehicles of Category B (up to 8 passenger seats); Categories C1 and D1 are no longer issued automatically

    Passanger carrying vehicles including minibuses
    Driving Licence Category D (9 or more passenger seats) or Category D1 (9 to 16 passenger seats). All drivers of minibuses (9-16 passenger seats) are required to hold a valid driving licence showing either Group A on an old style UK Licence or Category B & D or D1 on a new EC style Licence issued in any EU Country. Drivers who passed the car test (Category B) after 1 January 1997 and who wish to drive a minibus are required to take a further Statutory Driving test for vehicles in Category D or D1. A further Driving Test may be required to tow a trailer (Category E).

    Driver ages
    Minibuses 25 years to 75 years
    Panel Vans 21yrs to 75yrs (some suppliers may restrict young driver to 23yrs)

    Continental Use
    Minibuses are not permitted to be driven outside of the United Kingdom by some rental companies - however, we do have some suppliers who will allow this on request from specific rental branches.
    Driving a hire car abroad
    As you proceed through the online reservation system, you will be given the option to request to drive a hire car abroad - a surcharge will then become applicable (the additional charge covers the additional insurance that will be put in place).

    International Drivers Permit
    One of these may be required in addition to your national drivers licence when driving abroad. More information on these is available at The AA.com

    Rental Van groups VX, VY, VV, VE & VF (or equivalent) may be hired in UK and driven overseas but must return to the UK.

    Freequently asked questions from UK car hire customers

    Q. I have points on my driving licence, can I rent a car in UK?
    A. With some disqualifications you can rent, and with some you cannot - establish what endorsements are accepted by reading our guide to renting with points on your licence and for clarification for a specific rental, simply email or telephone the reservations desk to check if there are any restrictions.

    Q. Do you hire cars have a CD player
    A. Most hire cars from the "C" group and upwards are fitted with a CD Player as standard but this cannot be guaranteed

    Q. Can we choose our make or model or car.
    A. Generally no but at selected locations such as the larger airports ie London Heathrow and London Gatwick you are given a choice of several cars. Most hire cars of course are less than 3 months old or have done under 14,000 miles.

    Q. Can I drive on my USA (or foreign driving licence)
    A. Yes provided you have not been in residence in the UK for more than 12 months (after 12 months the law states you must exchange your licence for a UK licence.)

    Q. Can I pay for someone else to rent a car.
    A. No, the driver must present his or her own credit card at the time of collection. There is an exception to this rule only if "Super Cover " is taken at the time of reservation.

    Q. Can I rent a diesel car.
    A. We cannot guarantee diesels but we do have them on fleet, you may "request" diesel and we will do our best. Again at the larger depot such as major airport you are given a choice of cars which will often include diesel models.

    Q. If I am under 25 what is the largest car I may rent.
    A. At present young driver are limited to A, B, C, D saloons, U group medium estates and the small automatics AA, & W groups.

    Q. I have heard horror stories regarding rental companies charging for damage at a later time after my rental has finished.
    A. We offer two very basic and very important rules to avoid this EVER happening which are:-
    a) Walk around the car and check for damage before your leave the rental depot.
    b) Upon return of your rental vehicle insist on the car being check whilst you are present DO NOT take no for an answer.
    This will definitely avoid mistakes ever happening, always take the name and/or get a signature on your rental agreement.
    All damage should be noted on your rental agreement if it is not YOU could be held accountable at the end of the rental. Two minutes at the start of any rental WILL prevent this ever happening.

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