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Rental information

5th Gear UK Car Rental booking information
  • You can book UK rentals at this website on UK car hire booking If you want to book a car abroad, please got to; Rent cars abroad
  • To make a car rental reservation online, you need to allow 24 hours (within the opening hours of the start rental branch) before the hire can begin.
  • To book vehicle on line:
    You must have held a full driving licence* for at least a year. * Holders of non-EU licences: You may drive in the UK for up to 12 months from the time you become resident. After 12 months your overseas licence will be deemed illegal in the UK and it must be exchanged for the UK equivalent
    You must have a Visa, American Express, Mastercard or Switch (subject to credit check). Solo, Electron or Visa delta cards are not accepted. The cardholder of the card used to book must pick up the motor vehicle, and must be a named driver of the rental car.
    You are at least 21 years of age to drive a hired mortor car. - larger engined vehicles have a higher age limit. The web site will take your age into account when booking rented cars.
  • You have to rent an auto for at least 24 hours - one day.
  • The discounted rental rates you're offered on this website are valid only at the time of the quote and/or the booking.
  • You can't book a particular model of vehicle - only a vehicle group. If there's no vehicle available from that group, the rental company reserve the right to offer you a vehicle from a higher group (but you'll only be charged for the rental group you asked for).
  • We'll send you a confirmation email after you've booked, with details of the rental branch address and other important information.

    Additional drivers You can have up to five named drivers. All of them must be 21 or over and meet our other qualification criteria. Each additional driver may be subject to a charge as indicated in the booking engine. Under 25 If the person renting is under 25, you have to pay a young driver's insurance surcharge: 21-22 years old: / 23-24 years old:

    It is advisable to check with us if you have penalty points on your licence or if you are over 70 years of age.

    Where can you drive a rental car? You can drive anywhere in the UK. You can drive cars outside the UK (for an extra charge) if you make a prior arrangement by booking it. Vans cannot be taken outside the UK.

    One-way rentals?
    You can do one-way rentals with cars and vans. The charge will be included in the rental quote given.

    Car hire at Regional airports.
    Book a hire car at any of the following UK regional Airports - the rental branch is not always at the at the terminal: Cardiff Airport hire cars in Wales, Blackpool Airport rentals in north west England, Humberside Airport, Inverness Airport car and 4x4 hire to suit highland roads. Exeter Airport car hire for visiting Devon and Leeds/Bradford Airport car rental, Newquay Airport rentals, Norwich Airport, London City Airport car hire, and Teeside Airport car hire near Darlington.

    If you've had an endorsement on your drivers licence You can still rent motor vehicles if you have the following
  • Any conviction with a disqualification period of less than six months
  • Any number of endorsements with no disqualification period

    You can also rent if you have the following;
    You can rent if you have the following but only if five or more years have elapsed since the date of offence or conviction:
  • Commencing DD/DR (one only)
  • Any other conviction with a disqualification period of 6 months or more

    You can't rent if you have the following
  • Commencing UT
  • Any license with two or more periods of disqualification
    Some information on endorsements on your driving licence has been compiled by one of our main suppliers, however, for specific rental conditions, please refer to the reservations staff.

    Accepting rental terms and conditions
    You will have to accept the Rental terms and conditions of the rental company before you confirm your booking.

    What documents you need when you arrive to pick up hire cars
  • A full driving licence for all named drivers, with details of all endorsements.
  • If you've got the new photocard licence, you also need the paper counterpart.
  • The cardholder of the card used to book online (who must also be a named driver).
  • A credit or debit card (but only the debit cards listed above).
  • Another form of identification - one of the following if you're paying by credit card, two if you're paying with a debit card:
    Another credit or debit card
    Post Office savings book
    Building society deposit book or statement
    Police warrant card
    Credit finance agreement
    Evidence that you work where you say you do
  • If you live outside of the UK and are paying for the hire car by cash or debit card, you will also need to show your passport and a confirmed return flight ticket at the start of rental. This still applies if you have a UK passport and/or UK driving license.

    What you pay for - and when
    Charges - The charge we quote you includes: basic rental, any discounts, basic insurance (3rd party insurance and damage waiver), road fund tax and VAT. When you book online, your card number is taken and you are charged a booking fee, you will be sent an email explaining how much has been taken, and the balance must be paid directly to the rental company on arrival to pickup your car. Your rental voucher will clearly state how much you pay at each juncture.

    Children's car seats?
    You can request a child seat online during the booking process, these are subject to availability.

    What you're covered for
    The basic rental charge includes full breakdown cover and basic insurance (3rd party insurance and damage waiver). If you choose, you can also opt for additional insurance cover from Master Cover. Breakdown cover All rental cars have full breakdown cover in the UK. Details of who to contact are on the key fob and/or the tax disc in the vehicle. Basic insurance (3rd party damage and waiver) Third party insurance is included in your rental charge. This is because UK road traffic law requires a driver to be insured against unlimited liability for death or injury to people (including passengers), and for damage to other people's property up to a limit of 250,000. Damage waiver is also included in your rental charge. This covers you for financial responsibility for damage to vehicle, no matter how the damage is caused. Without damage waiver, the person renting is responsible for the full cost of damage to the vehicle, however the damage took place. The cover includes the cost of repairs or replacing the vehicle, loss of use and administration charges. With damage waiver, you have to pay up to 500 excess for any damage to the vehicle, no matter how the damage is caused. This means you have to pay the first 500 of any damage. If you opt to pay for additional insurance, from Master Cover, you reduce the excess from 500 to Zero.

    Changing or cancelling your car hire booking If you need to change or cancel your booking before you've picked up the vehicle, please follow the procedure on your evoucher or read Cancellation Policy - you must let UK Car Rentals know and they will issue you with a cancellation number.

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