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    If you are looking to hire a car for a family, the cars of Group D will probably be very suitable. These have five doors and plenty of space for the driver, four passengers and their bags. Car seats for children can be fitted, but these should always be requested at the time of booking and will probably incur an additional charge. Make clear the age of the children for which a seat is required, so that an appropriately-sized baby seat or booster seat is available when you pick up the car. Travelling with children can bring enough challenges without also trying to squeeze a toddler into a tiny child seat!

    Family sized car, can seat 4 adults and luggage - ideal for longer journeys.

    Don't forget child seats - request them on the booking form!

    Large adultLarge adultLarge adultLarge adultMedium adult or teenager
    Large suitcaseLarge suitcase
    Medium suitcaseMedium suitcaseCarry-on bags
    1.6 litres,
    5 doors, 5 seats

    Car hire group example:- Renault Laguna

    cheap car hire group 04

    Car hire
    Car Hire
    Ford Mondeo, Nissan Primera, Renault Laguna 1.6

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  • In Europe the standard family car is the Ford Mondeo, Vauxhall Vectra, Toyota Avensis or Peugeot 407. In the USA they would be described as a compact car and would a Chevy Impala, Mazda 6, Ford Tauraus or Chevy Venture.This size of car is great for longer journeys or if you have some luggage. You can also get station wagons or estate cars, as they are called in Europe, which are fantastic if you are on a golf vacation

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