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    Group A rental cars are the cheapest vehicles to hire. They are small cars, usually with only three doors, and although they are not as powerful as cars with larger engines, they represent excellent value for money. A typical car in this group is the Fiat Seicento, a 3-door hatchback. A nippy little car, it is economic and easy to handle and its small size can have great advantages when it comes to parking!

    Group A rental cars will carry two adults in the front and can also take two children in the back seats, but larger passengers in the rear would be a squeeze. If you are travelling with small children, remember to book a child seat in advance, but be aware that a 3-door car can be awkward for getting passengers in and out of. Be aware, too, that luggage space is limited - the room in the boot is adequate for small bags but would not be suitable if you are arriving with golf clubs or ski equipment! Group A cars should include an FM/AM radio, but CD players do not come as standard

    Hiring a Group A car could be an ideal choice for a couple on a weekend break, particularly if they will be driving in cities where negotiating small streets and tight parking spaces may be a consideration.

    The cost of the rental will depend on the location, pick up and collection point, and any special needs you may have, such as car seats, home delivery or one-way rental. Hiring a car from an airport in the UK may cost slightly more than from a neighbouring town, but you should check that any airport surcharges are included in the initial quote and that the company guarantees no hidden extras.

    Car hire group - Mini, example: Fiat Seicento

    If you are thinking of buying a Fiat Seicento - why not hire one for the weekend and try it out! you will see how 'nippy' they are!

    This little car is the descendant of a long line of small Italian cars dating back to the fifties. Originally the Fiat 500 it is now the Seicento or 600. The values are the same today though; a small hire car to buzz around the city and whizz out the country.

    Fun, fun, fun but short on passenger space. If you want to hire a car in London it is perfect, if you are travelling to Cardiff then it might be a touch small!

    Large adultLarge adultChildChild
    Medium suitcaseMedium suitcaseCarry-on bags

    1.0 litre,
    3 door models,
    4 seats,

    cheap car hire Economy group 0

    One of the smallest cars in the car hire rental fleet. Hire an economy car, ideal for shorter journeys or use in the city. This is the car to hire if you are nippping around town! We offer very cheap car rental rates on this hire car.

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    Mini Group.This group of vehicle is the budget or economy style vehicle. An economy vehicle is a cost effective way of getting from A to B with the minimum fuss. Economy cars are also brilliant for city driving and are very easy to park in congested cities. In Europe economy group cars are usually cars such as the Opel or Vauxhall Corsa, the Ford Fiesta or the Toyota Yaris. In North America (USA, Canada) a similar car would be a Chevy Aveo or a Hyundai Accent.

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