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    It is possible to hire most models of vehicles from most car manufacturers - below are listed the car companies websites so that you can check any specific information regarding a make or model of vehicle to rent for short term hire, long term hire or for personal car leasing, or for contract hire.

    Alfa Romeo rental cars Alfa Romeo -
    True Italian styling has been a hallmark of Alfa Romeo for many years. As well as looking great they also have fantastic engines, even in diesel form.

    Audi contract hire cars Audi -
    Audi is a very well regarded marque, with solid engineering, good build quality and very popular.

    BMW rental BMW -
    BMW is a very aspirational brand. Good to drive, well built and with a range from small saloons to large coupe's via 4x4s

    Chrysler car leasing Chrysler -
    Chrysler is a lage US car manufacturer with a selection of its range on sale in the UK. It is famous for the 'Jeep' 4x4 model and also the Voyager people carrier, which is popular with some car rental companies.

    Citroen leasing Citroen -
    Citroen is a French manufacturer with a wide range of cars. It has city cars -C2 to the C8 people carrier. The C5 estate is a great load lugger, used by some car rental companies.

    Fiat contract fleet Fiat -
    Fiat is a long established Italian company that has a worldwide presence. Funky, functinal styling, cheap running costs make Fiat a very successful mass market car manufacturer.

    Ford car hire Ford -
    Perhaps one the best know brand names in the world. Ford introduced mass production and now sell vehicles worldwide, small, medium, large, car, van pick up or 4x4. Most car hire companies will some, in the Uk it will be a Ford fiesta, Ford Focus or Ford Mondeo.

    Honda cars Honda -
    Honda make extremely reliable products, from lawnmowers, Motorbikes, marine engines and of course cars. The cars are also reliable and stylish.

    Hyundai cars Hyundai -

    Isuzu off road specialists Isuzu -

    Jaguar performance cars Jaguar -
    Jaguar is an established English brand whose ideology was 'grace,pace and space'. that is still true today with comfortable and sporty cars and coupe's

    Jeep contract leasing Jeep -
    Very famous four wheel drive vehicles

    Land Rover off road Land Rover -
    Land Rover have been making four wheel drive vehicles since the 1940's and have the reputation as having some of the best off road vehicles in the world. The Freelander is now on the fleet of some car rental companies.

    Lexus luxury leasing Lexus -
    Lexus has grown very quickly as a brand and is regarded as a very reliable range that competes with other prestige cars

    Lotus car hire Lotus -

    Mazda rentals Mazda -

    Mercedes-Benz estate cars Mercedes-Benz -
    Mercedes-Benz is synonomous with luxury,reliabilty, build quality and aspiration. Merceded Benz are available from car hire companies

    MG sports MG -
    MG is an old name and has some very sporty cars

    Mitsubishi Mitsubishi -

    Nissan Nissan -
    Nissan cars can be found all over the world and Nissan make a full range of cars, vans and pick ups

    Peugeot cars and vans Peugeot -
    Peugeot's are built in France and are know for drivability and style. Peugeot are also famous for diesel engines.

    Porsche prestige cars Porsche -
    Porsche are one of the most famous makes of car in the world. Every young boy wants one.

    Proton performance cars Proton -

    Renault people carriers and MPV's Renault -
    Renault have a range of cars both large and small and are very good value

    Rover fleet Rover -

    Saab luxury car rental Saab -
    Saab's are made in Sweden and have fantastic longevity

    Seat economy cars Seat -
    Seat has grown recently with help from VW and makes some great cars in Spain. If you hire a car in Spain it may well be a Seat

    Skoda family cars Skoda -

    Subaru 4x4 Subaru

    Toyota trucks Toyota -
    Toyota is one of the largest vcar manufacturer in the world and make all shapes and sizes of cars and vans.

    Vauxhall leasing fleet Vauxhall -
    Vauhall is the brand name for Opel in the UK. Vauxhall's sell large volumes in the UK and many car rental companies use them

    Volkswagen VW car hire Volkswagen -
    Volkswagen (VW) has made some iconic vehicles including the Beetle and the Golf. Well made and stylish, VW's sell all over the globe

    Volvo large estate cars Volvo -
    Volvo's are made in Sweden and most famous for their estate cars. They now also produce coupes and 4x4's
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