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    Renting a larger car

    For those who need more space than is available in small or compact cars, or who are prepared to pay for extra comfort and a more powerful drive, hiring a large 5-door car is a great option. Estate cars such as the Ford Mondeo or the Vauxhall Astra can carry five adults comfortably and have large boots which will hold a good amount of luggage. Large 4-door automatic cars like the Vauxhall Omega 2.2 or similar saloon cars are also available to rent from most car hire companies, although at a higher rate than equivalent models with manual transmission. These cars will normally have CD players and their large engines ensure good speeds and a pleasurable drive.

    Large 5-door cars are particularly suitable for families as they are spacious and can easily fit car seats for children on the rear seats. They would also be a good choice for those travelling in Britain for several days: perhaps a golf trip in Scotland where a large trunk is essential for equipment, or a short break in England which could involve both motorway driving and negotiating city streets.

    Car hire group - Intermediate, e.g: Ford Mondeo

    Hire a Ford Mondeo if you want a to hire a family car. It is a much favoured family and company car. As the name hints the Ford Mondeo is a world car and can be see in various guises around the globe. In it's latest incarnation it has been acclaimed for the sharp handling and ride that it gives to its passengers. A well packaged product that is larger enough for adults and their luggage on longer journeys - a very popular hire car. Available with automatic transmission and as an estate.

    Large adultLarge adultLarge adultLarge adultMedium adult or teenager
    Large suitcaseLarge suitcase
    Medium suitcaseMedium suitcaseCarry-on bags

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    Car hire group - Intermediate, e.g: Vauxhall/Opel Vectra

    Hire a Vauxhall Vectra, like the Mondeo, is much appreciated by company car drivers. This is no accident as they offer safety, space and reliability as well as being a comfortable car to drive in all circumstances especially on longer trips - ideal to as a hire car for thse going on long journeys with a family. A good looking car that will take five adults and their luggage in comfort.

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